Exhibition Layouts
Exhibition Layouts
When the group began over 16 years ago meetings were held in a church hall with no storage space available. As a result we started as a 'modular' group with a fiddle yard and corner boards (stored and brought to each meeting by a York based member), and the scenic part of the layout consisted of 4ft x 2ft boards brought by individual members. These could be scenes from anywhere in the world and they were joined together to form a full layout. The group exhibited in this form for a number of years including the Warley Show  at the NEC in 2001 where we joined up with a number of other Area Groups to put on a 50ft x 20ft layout. Since that time, members have slowly begun to built multiple sets of modules following their own particular interests be they British, US or Continental. These were seen again at Warley in 2005.  This trend has continued until we are now at the stage where we tend to exhibit as a one-country/one-era format.

The group currently has two layouts which it can use at meetings - 'Guys Cuttings' is a simple 4 track scenic mainline and is normally operated with DC power (though it can also be all DCC or split DC/DCC), and 'Watts Crossing' (currently being built and will be hopefully be completed for our Open Weekend in October). This is a 4 track DCC setup with a diamond crossing and local industry for operational interest. Both of these are available for exhibitions. Stock can be British; American, Continental or Japanese, or a combination of all!

Groups of members also have their own 'exhibition layouts' - a US outline layout (Maple Mine), and a British layout (Heworth Sidings) which is now available for shows. 

Further details of the layouts can be seen by clicking on the tabs on the left; and details for booking the layouts can be seen in our

'Exhibition Layouts Portfolio' which is a 'pdf file, and can be downloaded and printed off, and includes contact details.

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