For a number of members, running DCC on part of the main group layout fulfilled the one basic aim of being allowed to run DCC equipped trains at group meetings; but it was felt that this was only 'scratching the surface' as far as unlocking the full potential of DCC was concerned. So, in 2008 it was decided to run an extra group meeting (normally on the second Saturday of the month) for those members interested in DCC and it's development.

What has developed from the early meetings were a number of aims:

  • To develop a group layout which would incorporate member's own 'modules' which would be totally DCC powered
  • To develop automatic/computer control over part of the layout
  • To install an integrated signalling system
  • To encourage other members just starting out in DCC with help in use of the system, installing decoders, programming etc
  • To exhibit the layout at local shows

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