The equipment we use has been covered in the 'Digital Equipment' section of the site; this section will hopefully give a bit more detailed view of some aspects of the layout. While the scenic parts of the layout are, in the main, owned by individual members; the remainder of the layout is owned communally by the DCC group members. The main parts of this are the two 3ft x 2ft endboards; and the four 4ft x 1ft fiddle yard boards. There are a number of other boards which act as 'bridging pieces' for various layout setup configurations.

The layout is controlled by a Digitrax DCS100 Super Chief system housed in a control box (see Digital Equipment section for a couple of photos). To allow for easier fault finding, the layout is divided into 8 power districts using two Digitrax PM42 boards which are also fixed in the main control box. (For an explanation of the working of these see here :
PM42 Manual).

Power District (PD) 1         Fiddle Yard Tracks 1/2                           PD2         Module 1 Tracks 1/2
PD3                                 Module 2 Tracks 1/2                              PD4         Points
PD5                                 Fiddle Yard Tracks 3/4                           PD6         Module 1 Tracks 3/4     
PD7                                 Module 2 Tracks 3/4                              PD8         Module 3     

If there is a short circuit on one power district, then all the others should continue working.

Each of the power districts is then subdivided into sections using Digitrax BDL168 boards (For an explanation of the working of these see here : BDL168 Manual)  

Each of these allows for 16 sections, and there are two of these boards mounted on two of the fiddle yard boards, and the 32 sections are split between the fiddle yard and the 2 endboards. These in turn, allow us to run train detection and automatic control using Railroad & Co software owned by one of our members.

The two fiddle yard boards with the BDL boards  also have the turnout
s and turnout control boards. 

(Since these photos were taken the BDL board has been added). Peco large radius Code 55 turnouts have been used and these are powered by Peco turnout motors with twin microswitches attached. These power the frogs plus allow directional lighting of LEDS on a control panel. The turnouts are controlled by MERG accessory decoders for control by either the Digitrax handsets or by computer using Railroad & Co.

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